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3 Key Accessory Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

If you ask us, the best thing about January is fantasising about the coming Spring – and the opportunity to bust out our favourite floral prints, light materials and brighter colours. So let’s take the opportunity to fantasise about warmer days to come by looking at some of the upcoming trends for 2017, putting the spotlight on the bags that we’re all going to be touting come March…

Bottomless Bags

We’re starting with one of our all-time favourites: the bottomless bags that make carrying those essentials so much easier! Top designers like Gucci and Lowe have been showing off their enormous bags on the catwalk, and there are plenty of stylish high street options available that can easily fit everything you might need for work, lunch and the evening’s activities – whether you’re planning a trip to the gym or the party of the year.

There are a range of different options to embrace this trend in the way that seems right to you: a bucket bag is the classic choice, while an oversized tote bag can bring more individuality to the look. A final option, though, and one we love is using a weekend holdall as your bottomless bag – these are significantly deeper than standard bags, add a personal twist to a current trend and are still easy to carry with you.

Get the Look:

Rowallan Brown Leather Holdall                       Rock Carbon Black Holdall

brown holdallblack holdall

Cross Body

Another practical trend, this Spring we’ll no longer be struggling with awkward handbags and uncomfortable shoulder strap since cross body bags and backpacks are going to be hitting the high street in a big way. This is great news for every laid-back woman who just wants something simple and casual that won’t give them any hassle as they move through the day.

Of course, while these bags might give off a more chilled out vibe, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of sophistication by choosing a material like leather or suede or a more delicate and embellished design. And as we all already know, there’s nothing cooler than a lady who doesn’t need to put too much effort into throwing those accessories together.

Get the Look:

Rowallan Cross Body Bag                                       Caribee Backpack

rowallan cross body bagcaribee backpack

Micro Bags

A little bit more frivolous, but why not: the micro bag is fun, a little bit flirty and a great addition for almost any outfit, especially if you’re headed on a night out. The stunning bags we’ve been seeing from the likes of Alexander Wang and Chanel show how bite-sized bags that hold only the essentials can work in high fashion, but for those of us looking for something a little more down to Earth the best way to achieve this look surely has to be the wristlet.

We’ve been long-term proponents of the criminally underrated wristlet style of bag p and whether you choose to think of it as a more convenient purse or a bag that’s been shrunk down to hand daintily from your wrist there’s one fact that we should all be able to agree on: they look incredible. With that in mind, we’re going to make this spring’s micro bag trend our excuse for adding a wristlet (or two!) to the collection.

Get the Look:

Golunski Leather Wristlet Bag

leather wristlet